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I am a Democratic Candidate for Congress because our current Congressman no longer represents the ideals and values important to north Missouri. He provides a rubber stamp for the administration. These four issues are important for America and for Missouri:

1. Tariffs: Tariffs are taxes that we all must pay. These taxes will harm consumers, farmers
     and manufacturers.
2. Immigration: A wall is a band-aid coverup of the complex immigration issue. We need
     complex immigration reform. Build bridges, not walls.
3. Firearms regulation: Assault rifles should be severely regulated but not banned. I favor
     universal background checks and waiting periods. I favor a moratorium on
     manufacture of assault rifles and high capacity magazines. The opening words of the
     Second Amendment call for “a well regulated Militia”. We Americans have the right
     not to be shot. Regulations will not interfere with our Second Amendment right to
     bear arms.
4. The environment: We must strive for just compromise between the human impact
     upon our world and the economic demands of society.

I possess the maturity, leadership skills and moral integrity to provide a strong voice on these issues. I appreciate your support as I plan to take these issues to Washington.